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Windows 10 Privacy

If you are using Windows 10, do yourself a favor and just use this tool

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Installation finished – it was pretty fast, less than 10 minutes on top of my home Hyper-v to the desktop, let’s check the user experience.
VM Specs are pretty standard – in the wizard I selected Generation 2 machine, gave it 2gb of RAM and 60 gb of HDD. To be honest I was impressed that 18 hours after the installation finished Windows 10 expaned on 9.2GB only and didn’t had a single glitch yet.


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Thank you Zentyal

Thank you Zentyal for saving me from (two days of testing) all other beautiful, however, not working under hyper-v release like my favorite pfsense, ipcop, untangle and so on. Please Microsoft, give them a driver, but for now Zentyal is working flawessly on my Hyper-V!

Nexus 5 with ART

Running Art (took a good 5+ minutes to update from dalvik my 160 apps) on my Nexus 5 from few hours – it’s visibly faster than before (not that it was slow before), all tested apps works, will monitor the battery to see is it better as expected. To change go to settings–>developer options –> select runtime for me it is really worthy.

Katkiss on Asus TF101

Just installed Katkiss on my wife TF101 and gave a breath of fresh air to it, thank you very much Timduru