Windows 10 Technical Preview

Installation finished – it was pretty fast, less than 10 minutes on top of my home Hyper-v to the desktop, let’s check the user experience.
VM Specs are pretty standard – in the wizard I selected Generation 2 machine, gave it 2gb of RAM and 60 gb of HDD. To be honest I was impressed that 18 hours after the installation finished Windows 10 expaned on 9.2GB only and didn’t had a single glitch yet.


The first noticeable thing is – Hooray, our beloved start button is back. Don’t rush, on the very beginning it is pretty empty, give it some time, soon it will populate. Shutdown if you wonder, is located in the top right. Aligned with the latest windows releases This PC/Computer/My Computer icon is missing, easy fix is right-click ->Personalize -> Change Desktop Icons. Control panel icon is missing too, however, I found an easy to access hidden menu with many useful options and settings, just right-click on the start button to find them out. Another nice feature is the new Task View

Task View 2

It gives a view to all started apps/windows and a chance to add a separate desktop. There is an option to group more than one app/window per desktop or this view can be used to switch between apps.

Windows Explorer = File Explorer

Windows Explorer

If we neglect the new icons and the slightly changed view – nothing really new here, everything is the same as in windows 8/8.1 explorer, One drive is again incorporated in the file explorer, omnisearch is in the upper right corner too, the only kind of  new thing I found is the Sharing options.
Windows Explorer Share

Personalization and Settings

I already mentioned about the desktop personalization (screen resolution, wallpaper, missing icons, etc.) earlier, the rest are found where they’ve been in Windows 8, however, they are slightly different.
pc settings win 10

Please note the thee dots in windows 10 window, they give you an apps settings – another new feature in Windows 10, personally I find it as a nice touch. These settings are there for all apps. Rest of the settings are pretty self explaining and I  wouldn’t stop on them.

My first stop after I was tired of clicking here and there was the technical preview forum, please take a look, it’s populating quite fast.

Third Party Programs And Apps Installation

Uptime 1 day, 2 hours and 2 minutes 🙂

Firefox version 32.0.3 installed smoothly as expected, next step is installer with bunch of programs from ninite, 8 programs installed again smoothly as expected. 7zip, Sumatra are working fine, assuming same for the rest. Weather and Calculator app tested, working fine. All programs and apps are now under one folder All Apps – a nice, useful approach, IMHO approved change.






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