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Linux Mint Tips

Proxmox Setup – First Steps

Before continuing below, please note that I have zero execerience with Proxmox and did everything googling and so on, therefore I do not pretend anything – this is more or less my own notes made public. One of the first thing I did after the installation was to put some iso’s in: /var/lib/vz/template/iso Where they belong. The console refreshes automatically and you can use them right away. To transfer them I used the same stick (have to be mounted first) which failed during the installation.

Barebone home VMWare / Proxmox / Virtualization

My First Steps With Proxmox   Last night I started installing Proxmox (Version: 3.3-a06c9f73-2) on my new barebone home server: Motherboard – Supermicro A1SRM-2758F-O RAM – KVR16LSE11/8 – 2x8gb kit PSU – Corsair CX Series 430 Watt Case – Carbide Series® Air 240 High Airflow HDD/SSD – Crucial Mx110 256gb USB to Boot From – SanDisk Extreme 16gb with idea to be used it as a home for the supervisor later Building it was fun – the case is excellent, fun to work. It is separated so you have your mobo on one side; all hard drives plus the CPU are on the other side with enough spacefor cables and so on. It has three… Read More »Barebone home VMWare / Proxmox / Virtualization

Thank you Zentyal

Thank you Zentyal for saving me from (two days of testing) all other beautiful, however, not working under hyper-v release like my favorite pfsense, ipcop, untangle and so on. Please Microsoft, give them a driver, but for now Zentyal is working flawessly on my Hyper-V!

Skype/pulseaudio fix Mint 16

Today I tried a skype call on my truthful AAO which recently got mint 16 and I was frustrated by the sound crackling/distortion. It’s not just a problem with Skype, I believe it’s a problem with, you’ve guessed it, PulseAudio. Workaround? Indeed there is. Disabling PulseAudio’s Glitch Free Audio seems to have solved the crackling for me. To do this, edit the /etc/pulse/ file in your favourite text editor. Search for the following line: load-module module-hal-detect and append “tsched=0” to the end: load-module module-hal-detect tsched=0 restart pulse (or just reboot your system), and the crackling should be gone. Not sure what the side effects are by disabling Glitch Free Audio, but I can’t seem to… Read More »Skype/pulseaudio fix Mint 16

DDWRT Wan Port is not working

If you, like me have TP-Link WR1043ND with DDWRT on it and after assigning a wan port to switch realized that it’s not working just go to: Administration, Commands and paste the code below in the text field: swconfig dev rtl8366rb vlan 1 set ports ‘0 1 2 3 4 5t’ stopservice lan startservice lan Hit the “Save startup” button And now restart your router for the changes to take effect and your’re done! Solution found searching DDWRT forum.

TWRP on nexus 5

Was bored today and went to and quickly flashed it, working flawlessly as expected. Installation methods are described on the page, the app install method didn’t worked for me.    

Turn off touchpad when typing = priceless

I was pissed by the touchpad of my AAOne (running great under Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Xfce) until I found syndaemon = priceless. -d starts it as daemon (running on background) -i sets the time, default is 2 seconds. Found here, thank you Husse!

Release/Renew IP in linux

I was wondering how this works in Linux and found these two methods (in terminal, considering that eth0 is the desired interface): sudo ifconfig eth0 down sudo ifconfig eth0 up or use sudo dhclient eth0 Found here.  

Add existing user to sudoers

If our user is not created add it with sudo useradd -m username (m creates home for it) then set password with passwd username then sudo usermod -a -G sudo username (-a to append a group, -G is for needed group itself, in our example sudo, could be any group) groups username will show the groups of the specific user

Katkiss on Asus TF101

Just installed Katkiss on my wife TF101 and gave a breath of fresh air to it, thank you very much Timduru