SCCM – Change Site Code on multiple computers

If you had to change the sccm client site code on multiple computers (after sccm migration or new/upgraded server installation) nowadays you might have discovered that it’s not as easy as it should be. You could push the new site client to all computers generating a lot of heat to the network or try deprecated wmic (miserably fails). I wanted to avoid mass client push and found that the following quick and dirty script works well:

First create a list of all computers using your favorite method, I already have a text file with them so I’ll just use it, it’s named mycomps.txt and it is in my current folder.

#Create variable with all computers from text file
$wst = Get-Content .\mycomps.txt

#Loop through them with foreach and change site code with invoke-command
foreach ($comp in $wst) {
Invoke-Command -ComputerName $comp -ScriptBlock {($smsclinet = New-Object -comobject "Microsoft.SMS.Client") , ($smsclient.SetAssignedSite('XYZ'))
#If you want to check the result change 






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3 responses to “SCCM – Change Site Code on multiple computers”

  1. Srini Avatar

    We have to change the SetAssignedSiteCode –> SetAssignedSite to work.

  2. srini Avatar

    Hi Ivan,

    Can you explain the $srv? I don’t see the variable used in the script.

    1. ivan Avatar

      Thank you for your comment – my mistake $srv should actually be $wst – fixed

      Same for the SetAssignedSite – fixed as well.

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