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SCCM/MECM How to set computer name automatically during Task Sequence

I know it is possible to set the computer name before you start the task sequence by adding the OSDComputerName variable to a collection – usually used in the Unknown Computers collection. I know as well how to generate it based on the serial number of the workstation or laptop. Well, this was not enough for me and I decided that it should be possible to auto-assign computer names during Task Sequence based on the current active directory names. To make it even more fun I was determined to get the next available computer name based on domain naming convention (will shorten this to DNC), but only for computers above 1000. Please, do not ask… Read More »SCCM/MECM How to set computer name automatically during Task Sequence

SCCM Reports Service Account

If you have to change the Report Server service account password (never happens, right?!?) do yourself a favor and before rebuilding the entire report service go to Administration –> Security –> Accounts, double click on the account in question, click SET and enter the new password. Symptoms are: 1. Cannot impersonate user for data source2. Cannot change data source user – you change it and it’s reverting back3. Other logon errors after reporting works for few seconds

Dell Workstations (3630) UEFI Bios settings – no bootable device found

Recently I had to install windows through SCCM and Remote Distribution point with enabled PXE support in remote site which doesn’t have an IT technician available and this turned to a challenge for a regular user. I’m using MDT Task sequence and we support secure boot. In order to make it work few settings in the BIOS needs to changed, the factory default setup wouldn’t work. Under System Configuration Integrated NIC – Enabled w/PXE, make sure that Enable UEFI network stack is checked as well SATA Operation – AHCI Secure Boot – Enabled, Legacy Support Disabled – If your environment doesn’t support secure boot disable it, however, it’s not that hard to support it in… Read More »Dell Workstations (3630) UEFI Bios settings – no bootable device found

SCCM – Change Site Code on multiple computers

If you had to change the sccm client site code on multiple computers (after sccm migration or new/upgraded server installation) nowadays you might have discovered that it’s not as easy as it should be. You could push the new site client to all computers generating a lot of heat to the network or try deprecated wmic (miserably fails). I wanted to avoid mass client push and found that the following quick and dirty script works well: First create a list of all computers using your favorite method, I already have a text file with them so I’ll just use it, it’s named mycomps.txt and it is in my current folder.