Simple PowerShell Account Creation script

Recently I was inspired by the excellent Master User Creator, which we cannot use, and I had some free time, so I decided to create something simple, but still useful for my service desk guys. I ended with following script – combination of PowerShell , Mahapps and XAML. Script requires PowerShell 7, installed RSAT tools needed as well.tested on Windows 10 v20H2 and 21H2. It doesn’t work on Windows 10 v1909. I am assuming it won’t work on lower version as well. 

To make it work for you change the followoing lines:

Line 179 and Line 180 – Change to Correct OU Path

Line 215 – your own filters what to be excluded

Of course feel free to change OU1 and OU2 to something meaningful.

Second tab in the app shows the groups that the will copy to the new user. Domain users group is excluded, because it is added to every new user. 

Download the sample script here or from GitHub

Hope it helps somebody. Enjoy!






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