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Plavac mali from Hvar, Dalmatia

Plavac mali  imho is a wine with which you can’t go wrong. The one above coming from Island of Hvar. Same company produce same wine on mainland, it is a bit stronger (12.8 to 13 degrees) with a clear barrel taste, me personally prefer the island one, however, as every wine in this blog, this is purely personal taste without any scientific background. Anyway if you end in Dalmatia (one of our favorite vacation places) just try Plavac mali, you really can’t go wrong with it (I even won’t try to describe the taste, there is enough written around, the one on the picture is affordable as price, but if you want to get classy… Read More »Plavac mali from Hvar, Dalmatia

Add existing user to sudoers

If our user is not created add it with sudo useradd -m username (m creates home for it) then set password with passwd username then sudo usermod -a -G sudo username (-a to append a group, -G is for needed group itself, in our example sudo, could be any group) groups username will show the groups of the specific user

Katkiss on Asus TF101

Just installed Katkiss on my wife TF101 and gave a breath of fresh air to it, thank you very much Timduru

Skype advertisments

If you like me are annoyed from the Skype advertisements during calls just add the following line in your hosts file

Check is Program/Outlook/ running

If for whatever reason you want to check is specific program run in Windows and start it if not, check the attached file, it is made for Outlook /can be adapted to any program / and set a schedule to run .bat file check outlook.bat

My Blog

This blog doesn’t pretend for anything, it’s just a place for my notes, thoughts, etc. Main reason for it is to explain some  stuff to myself and keep them online in case I need them. Some solutions are taken from forums or other places /I’ll try to put links with credits/ some are created by me, all of them are tested/used by me, therefore, posted here without any warranty and I cannot be held responsible if they are not working  or if you brick something. All listed wines are tasted by me, but please note that I am just wine enthusiast, not a sommelier.