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TWRP on nexus 5

Was bored today and went to and quickly flashed it, working flawlessly as expected. Installation methods are described on the page, the app install method didn’t worked for me.    

Nexus 5 with ART

Running Art (took a good 5+ minutes to update from dalvik my 160 apps) on my Nexus 5 from few hours – it’s visibly faster than before (not that it was slow before), all tested apps works, will monitor the battery to see is it better as expected. To change go to settings–>developer options –> select runtime for me it is really worthy.


A while ago I heard about arkOS project, I liked it and decided to give it some support spreading the word and translating it to  Bulgarian (finished today). Keep up the good work arkOS and good luck!

Turn off touchpad when typing = priceless

I was pissed by the touchpad of my AAOne (running great under Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Xfce) until I found syndaemon = priceless. -d starts it as daemon (running on background) -i sets the time, default is 2 seconds. Found here, thank you Husse!

Blatina de Broto, Čitluk, 2010

Excellent dry red wine, one of the best Blatina wines which I tried. Ruby color, excellent, rich aroma, long lasting, developing finish. A lot could be written for a good wine. Definitely 5 of 5 stars.  My choice for new  year,  going to my collection too 😉

Blatina – Zlatna Dolina, 2010

Dry red wine, ruby color, kind of missing Blatina aroma. Nothing special, just acceptable, 3 of 5 stars is a bit too much for it. It’s overpriced, definitely not in my buying list.


I was digging a blue screen minidump today and received weird “symbols not correct!” error. c:\program files\debugging tools for windows> dumpchk -y srv*c:\websymbols* c:\windows\minidump\mmddyy-nn.dmp The command above is downloading correct symbols directly from Microsoft and downloads them in c:\websymbols more on this tomorrow…

Release/Renew IP in linux

I was wondering how this works in Linux and found these two methods (in terminal, considering that eth0 is the desired interface): sudo ifconfig eth0 down sudo ifconfig eth0 up or use sudo dhclient eth0 Found here.