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  • Very nice Serbian Merlot

    Found this jewel by accident yesterday. Today I just bought all of it, unfortunately only 10 bottles. Be careful, the right year is 2011.

  • Blatina de Broto, Čitluk, 2010

    Excellent dry red wine, one of the best Blatina wines which I tried. Ruby color, excellent, rich aroma, long lasting, developing finish. A lot could be written for a good wine. Definitely 5 of 5 stars.  My choice for new  year,  going to my collection too 😉

  • Blatina – Zlatna Dolina, 2010

    Dry red wine, ruby color, kind of missing Blatina aroma. Nothing special, just acceptable, 3 of 5 stars is a bit too much for it. It’s overpriced, definitely not in my buying list.

  • Plavac mali from Hvar, Dalmatia

    Plavac mali  imho is a wine with which you can’t go wrong. The one above coming from Island of Hvar. Same company produce same wine on mainland, it is a bit stronger (12.8 to 13 degrees) with a clear barrel taste, me personally prefer the island one, however, as every wine in this blog, this…

  • Chateau Noblet Bordeaux 2006

    Mediocre wine, this classic Bordeaux (Cotes de Bourg) had nothing special to offer, therefore, won’t be bought it again.