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Thank you Zentyal

Thank you Zentyal for saving me from (two days of testing) all other beautiful, however, not working under hyper-v release like my favorite pfsense, ipcop, untangle and so on. Please Microsoft, give them a driver, but for now Zentyal is working flawessly on my Hyper-V!

Skype/pulseaudio fix Mint 16

Today I tried a skype call on my truthful AAO which recently got mint 16 and I was frustrated by the sound crackling/distortion. It’s not just a problem with Skype, I believe it’s a problem with, you’ve guessed it, PulseAudio. Workaround? Indeed there is. Disabling PulseAudio’s Glitch Free Audio seems to have solved the crackling for me. To do this, edit the /etc/pulse/ file in your favourite text editor. Search for the following line: load-module module-hal-detect and append “tsched=0” to the end: load-module module-hal-detect tsched=0 restart pulse (or just reboot your system), and the crackling should be gone. Not sure what the side effects are by disabling Glitch Free Audio, but I can’t seem to… Read More »Skype/pulseaudio fix Mint 16

Turn off touchpad when typing = priceless

I was pissed by the touchpad of my AAOne (running great under Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Xfce) until I found syndaemon = priceless. -d starts it as daemon (running on background) -i sets the time, default is 2 seconds. Found here, thank you Husse!

Add existing user to sudoers

If our user is not created add it with sudo useradd -m username (m creates home for it) then set password with passwd username then sudo usermod -a -G sudo username (-a to append a group, -G is for needed group itself, in our example sudo, could be any group) groups username will show the groups of the specific user