Tag: cmd

  • List Software installed on a pc and export it to csv file

    wmic product get /format:csv > filename_%Computername%.csv

  • Log Off User remotely – cmd

    If you ever wondered how to log off user remotely (or locally) via command line try this. As usual membership of the local admins group is needed. Start cmd with elevated privileges. check logged user and their session number with qwinsta: QWINSTA /server:computername Memorize the session ID and use the logoff command: LOGOFF sessionID /server:computername.    

  • External HDD Access Denied Windows 8.1

    When pissed off by my own external hdd asking for administrator approval every time when I move fielks around i did this: takeown /F “Complete path of the file location”: icacls “Complete path of the file location”: /grant “ComputerName”\”UserName”:F It helped. Somehow 🙂