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This Pc opening very slow Windows 8.1

Yesterday This Pc started to open very slow on my Windows 8.1 making me angry of course 🙂 Today I had time to dig in and at my suspicion that a network share or something  similar is causing the issue was close enough. I disabled Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and Voila – Everything opens so nice and smooth again. So far i am satisfied and with the result, My pc is feeling (visibly) faster and this service is not missing me at all. By default it starts automatically, so it’s up to you to disable it or let it start with the next restart.

Basic Site to Site OpenVPN between PfSense 2.2.1 and Vyos 1.1.4

After banging my head for a while I finally ended with the following working configuration of Basic Site to Site OpenVPN between PfSense 2.2.1 and Vyos 1.1.4 Pfsense Side On the PfSense router create an OpenVPN Server with the following settings Server mode – Peer to Peer Shared Key Protocol – UDP Device mode – tun Interface – WAN Local Port – 33458 (could be whatever you want) Description – testvpn Shared Key – Tick Automatically generate, needs to be copied to vyos /config/auth Encryption algorithm – BF-CBC-128 bit (could be different, needs to match both ends) Auth Digest Alghorithm – SHA1 (default for openvpn, could be different, needs to match both ends) Hardware crypto… Read More »Basic Site to Site OpenVPN between PfSense 2.2.1 and Vyos 1.1.4

Install/Uninstall Feature PowerShell Server 2012 Quick Notes

To get the list of all features(feature names are in the second column, Windows PowerShell cmdlets are not case-sensitive): get-WindowsFeature To uninstall completely a feature: Uninstall-WindowsFeature featurename -remove If -remove is not used the feature will be listed as available, however, it won’t be removed from the harddrive. To install a feature after it’s removed we need an installation wim file as a source. To Mount a Windows WIM to the file system: Get Info what’s in the wim file, features cannot be mixed, that’s why indexes are important – if core is installed  then find which index belongs to core, because wim file contains more than one windows editions dism /get-wiminfo /wimfile:wimfilepath (Example if installation… Read More »Install/Uninstall Feature PowerShell Server 2012 Quick Notes

Log Off User remotely – cmd

If you ever wondered how to log off user remotely (or locally) via command line try this. As usual membership of the local admins group is needed. Start cmd with elevated privileges. check logged user and their session number with qwinsta: QWINSTA /server:computername Memorize the session ID and use the logoff command: LOGOFF sessionID /server:computername.    

Change The Subject and Forward an Email – Outlook

This simple script could be used with Outlook rules to change the subject of an email and forward it – Alt+F11 to open the editor, modify the script with your email address and your own subject, save it and then create a rule –> on the second step of the rules wizard (What do you want to do with the message) choose run a script, select your newly created script and finish the wizard Sub ChangeSubjectForward(Item As Outlook.MailItem) Item.Subject = “What you want to be” Item.Save Set myForward = Item.Forward myForward.Recipients.Add “” myForward.Send End Sub

Message at startup

This works with Windows 8.1 too 🙂

Error 13 the data is invalid

After applying patches on server 2012, host of exchange 2013 I got Windows Process Activation Service cannot start, Error 13 The data is invalid and a lot of errors containing c:\Windows\system32\intesrv\config\applicationhost.config Line number: 1 Error:Configuration file is not well-formated XML. A lot of other services didn’t started as well Net.Tcp Listener Adapter Windows Process Activation Service World Wide Web Publishing Service and few other The solution turned to be simple – replace the applicationHost.config located in c:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv\config with the latest backup file located C:\inetpub\history That’s all, thank you glazenbakje