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red wines

Blatina de Broto, Čitluk, 2010

Excellent dry red wine, one of the best Blatina wines which I tried. Ruby color, excellent, rich aroma, long lasting, developing finish. A lot could be written for a good wine. Definitely 5 of 5 stars.  My choice for new  year,  going to my collection too 😉

Blatina – Zlatna Dolina, 2010

Dry red wine, ruby color, kind of missing Blatina aroma. Nothing special, just acceptable, 3 of 5 stars is a bit too much for it. It’s overpriced, definitely not in my buying list.

Plavac mali from Hvar, Dalmatia

Plavac mali  imho is a wine with which you can’t go wrong. The one above coming from Island of Hvar. Same company produce same wine on mainland, it is a bit stronger (12.8 to 13 degrees) with a clear barrel taste, me personally prefer the island one, however, as every wine in this blog, this is purely personal taste without any scientific background. Anyway if you end in Dalmatia (one of our favorite vacation places) just try Plavac mali, you really can’t go wrong with it (I even won’t try to describe the taste, there is enough written around, the one on the picture is affordable as price, but if you want to get classy… Read More »Plavac mali from Hvar, Dalmatia