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  • SharePoint 2013 Instalation Tips

    Studying for SharePoint 2013 exam, I’ve decided to install it in my lab and as usual I had some issues. I was thinking to use SQL server on premises used for SCCM 2012 R2 test lab, but it is 32-bit, therefore, unusable. Due to the limited resources (You know, RAM goes first) I ended installing…

  • Create an SCCM collection containing inactive clients excluding certain computers

    Create a new collection and use the following query to select inactive agents, the part in bold is to exclude all computers with name stating with PCNAME% from it if needed, % is equal to * in sql so if your naming convention is pcname01, pcname02  and so on pcname06% will exclude pcname060, pcname061, pcname0600…

  • Redirect New Workstations to a certain OU

    Find the Distinguished Name of the OU to which you want to redirect all new computers dsquery ou -name <OU-Name> EXAMPLE – dsquery ou –name “DOMAIN WORKSTATIONS” Use redircmp Distinguished Name found with dsquery Run powershell/cmd as an administrator

  • Windows 10 Nvidia Drivers Issue with Skylake

    Yesterday I had a morning surprise by my PC, when I turned it on all I got was white pixelated flickering caused by GPU drivers update (automated in windows 10) Safe mode and all of the advanced repair stuff wasn’t working so out of options I just used “Reset my PC”. In order to avoid…

  • Tested guide for upgrade 2003 domain to 2012

    Raise domain/forest functional level to 2003 Domain is raised from AD users and computers Forest is raised from AD Domains and Trusts Prepare AD for 2012 The command adprep is located on your Server 2012 disk under the \support\adprep Run in cmd adprep /forestprep If KB919151 is not installed adprep /forestprep will fail with “ADPREP.EXE…

  • RWMC

    Tested…. and it works on 7, 8.1, 10, server 2012 r2

  • This Pc opening very slow Windows 8.1

    Yesterday This Pc started to open very slow on my Windows 8.1 making me angry of course 🙂 Today I had time to dig in and at my suspicion that a network share or something  similar is causing the issue was close enough. I disabled Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and Voila – Everything…

  • List Software installed on a pc and export it to csv file

    wmic product get /format:csv > filename_%Computername%.csv

  • Delete Profiles Windows 7

    Yesterday I found and tested delprof2 – it works and it’s cool timesaving tool.

  • Install/Uninstall Feature PowerShell Server 2012 Quick Notes

    To get the list of all features(feature names are in the second column, Windows PowerShell cmdlets are not case-sensitive): get-WindowsFeature To uninstall completely a feature: Uninstall-WindowsFeature featurename -remove If -remove is not used the feature will be listed as available, however, it won’t be removed from the harddrive. To install a feature after it’s removed…