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Set Ip Server 2012 PowerShell

To set a static IP address In Windows PowerShell, run Get-NetIPInterface. Make a note of the number shown in the IfIndex column of the output for your IP interface or the InterfaceDescription string. If your computer has more than one network adapter, make a note of the number or string corresponding to the interface for which you wish to set a static IP address. In Windows PowerShell, run New-NetIPAddress –InterfaceIndex 12 –IPAddress - –PrefixLength 24 –DefaultGateway - Where: InterfaceIndex is the value of IfIndex from Step 2 (in this example, 12) IPAddress is the static IP address you intend to set (in this example, PrefixLength is the prefix length (another form of subnet mask)… Read More »Set Ip Server 2012 PowerShell