I hate you mister f@#&*#@ rabbit

After an afternoon action with broken coolant temperature sensor we headed home, 750km trip. 150-160 later a rabbit jumped in front of pug, destroying: 1. Front bumper 2. One of the AC fans 3. God knows only what else Creating a small coolant leak (roughly liter per 120-130km) in the middle of the night. Oh, I really fucking hate you mister rabbit.


A while ago I heard about arkOS project, I liked it and decided to give it some support spreading the word and translating it to  Bulgarian (finished today). Keep up the good work arkOS and good luck!

My Blog

This blog doesn’t pretend for anything, it’s just a place for my notes, thoughts, etc. Main reason for it is to explain some  stuff to myself and keep them online in case I need them. Some solutions are taken from forums or other places /I’ll try to put links with credits/ some are created by me, all of them are tested/used by me, therefore, posted here without any warranty and I cannot be held responsible if they are not working  or if you brick something. All listed wines are tasted by me, but please note that I am just wine enthusiast, not a sommelier.