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SharePoint 2013 Instalation Tips

Studying for SharePoint 2013 exam, I’ve decided to install it in my lab and as usual I had some issues. I was thinking to use SQL server on premises used for SCCM 2012 R2 test lab, but it is 32-bit, therefore, unusable. Due to the limited resources (You know, RAM goes first) I ended installing 64-bit SQL Server 2012 SP1 on the same server (standard 2012 R2) side-by-side with 32-bit SQL. It’s not the best practice, but it is OK for a constantly changing test lab. Installation was pretty straight forward, all prerequisites were already installed and in minutes 64-bit SQL server was in place. I have two pre-created domain accounts sqladmin and spsservice used… Read More »SharePoint 2013 Instalation Tips

Proxmox Post Install +

My ProxMox Adventure – what I did so far Installed from CD (described in the previous post) Added additional 7200rpm, 2tb hard drive for storage purposes Created Several VM’s server core 2012 as s DC, DNS, GC – HDD shrink to 20gb One win7x64 as a domain workstation One win7x64 with 1tb hdd as a plex server – installed on 7200rpm drive, don’t like the performance of the hdd at all SCCM 2012 R2 on top of Server 2012 Exchange 2013 on top of Server 2012 To Do List Set Up And Test ProxMox Firewall – Not Started Yet Set Up A Backup – In Progress, Done to NFS, will try it to external hdd as well… Read More »Proxmox Post Install +

Proxmox Setup – First Steps

Before continuing below, please note that I have zero execerience with Proxmox and did everything googling and so on, therefore I do not pretend anything – this is more or less my own notes made public. One of the first thing I did after the installation was to put some iso’s in: /var/lib/vz/template/iso Where they belong. The console refreshes automatically and you can use them right away. To transfer them I used the same stick (have to be mounted first) which failed during the installation.

Barebone home VMWare / Proxmox / Virtualization

My First Steps With Proxmox   Last night I started installing Proxmox (Version: 3.3-a06c9f73-2) on my new barebone home server: Motherboard – Supermicro A1SRM-2758F-O RAM – KVR16LSE11/8 – 2x8gb kit PSU – Corsair CX Series 430 Watt Case – Carbide Series® Air 240 High Airflow HDD/SSD – Crucial Mx110 256gb USB to Boot From – SanDisk Extreme 16gb with idea to be used it as a home for the supervisor later Building it was fun – the case is excellent, fun to work. It is separated so you have your mobo on one side; all hard drives plus the CPU are on the other side with enough spacefor cables and so on. It has three… Read More »Barebone home VMWare / Proxmox / Virtualization