Thank you Zentyal

Thank you Zentyal for saving me from (two days of testing) all other beautiful, however, not working under hyper-v release like my favorite pfsense, ipcop, untangle and so on. Please Microsoft, give them a driver, but for now Zentyal is working flawessly on my Hyper-V!

Set a Cron Freebsd

If you ever wondered how to setup a cron on bsd(pfsense) The follwoing will run every 5 minutes */5 * * * * user command Every Minute – * * * * * Every 5 Minutes – 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,66 * * * * Every 5 Minustes (Simple) – */5 * * * * Every Hour – * */1 * * * and so on. More info here Field Meaning (input) 1 Minutes (0-59) 2 Hours (2-24) 3 Day of the Month (1-31) 4 Month (1-12) January thru December 5 Day of the week (0-6) Sun thru Sat 6 User to execute the command 7 Command to execute

TWRP on nexus 5

Was bored today and went to and quickly flashed it, working flawlessly as expected. Installation methods are described on the page, the app install method didn’t worked for me.    

Nexus 5 with ART

Running Art (took a good 5+ minutes to update from dalvik my 160 apps) on my Nexus 5 from few hours – it’s visibly faster than before (not that it was slow before), all tested apps works, will monitor the battery to see is it better as expected. To change go to settings–>developer options –> select runtime for me it is really worthy.

My Blog

This blog doesn’t pretend for anything, it’s just a place for my notes, thoughts, etc. Main reason for it is to explain some  stuff to myself and keep them online in case I need them. Some solutions are taken from forums or other places /I’ll try to put links with credits/ some are created by me, all of them are tested/used by me, therefore, posted here without any warranty and I cannot be held responsible if they are not working  or if you brick something. All listed wines are tasted by me, but please note that I am just wine enthusiast, not a sommelier.