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System Administrator Married With daughter That's all folks

Error 13 the data is invalid

After applying patches on server 2012, host of exchange 2013 I got Windows Process Activation Service cannot start, Error 13 The data is invalid and a lot of errors containing c:\Windows\system32\intesrv\config\applicationhost.config Line number: 1 Error:Configuration file is not well-formated XML. A lot of other services didn’t started as well Net.Tcp Listener Adapter Windows Process Activation Service World Wide Web Publishing Service and few other The solution turned to be simple – replace the applicationHost.config located in c:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv\config with the latest backup file located C:\inetpub\history That’s all, thank you glazenbakje

Proxmox Post Install +

My ProxMox Adventure – what I did so far Installed from CD (described in the previous post) Added additional 7200rpm, 2tb hard drive for storage purposes Created Several VM’s server core 2012 as s DC, DNS, GC – HDD shrink to 20gb One win7x64 as a domain workstation One win7x64 with 1tb hdd as a plex server – installed on 7200rpm drive, don’t like the performance of the hdd at all SCCM 2012 R2 on top of Server 2012 Exchange 2013 on top of Server 2012 To Do List Set Up And Test ProxMox Firewall – Not Started Yet Set Up A Backup – In Progress, Done to NFS, will try it to external hdd as well… Read More »Proxmox Post Install +

Windows 8/8.1 Moving Icons

Lately I was really annoyed from my moving icons – after every login all of my icons were moving left – it turns out that the solution is easy – untick “Align Icons To Grid” and “Auto Arange Icons” (right click o nthe desktop –>View), that’s it, done 🙂

Proxmox Setup – First Steps

Before continuing below, please note that I have zero execerience with Proxmox and did everything googling and so on, therefore I do not pretend anything – this is more or less my own notes made public. One of the first thing I did after the installation was to put some iso’s in: /var/lib/vz/template/iso Where they belong. The console refreshes automatically and you can use them right away. To transfer them I used the same stick (have to be mounted first) which failed during the installation.

Barebone home VMWare / Proxmox / Virtualization

My First Steps With Proxmox   Last night I started installing Proxmox (Version: 3.3-a06c9f73-2) on my new barebone home server: Motherboard – Supermicro A1SRM-2758F-O RAM – KVR16LSE11/8 – 2x8gb kit PSU – Corsair CX Series 430 Watt Case – Carbide Series® Air 240 High Airflow HDD/SSD – Crucial Mx110 256gb USB to Boot From – SanDisk Extreme 16gb with idea to be used it as a home for the supervisor later Building it was fun – the case is excellent, fun to work. It is separated so you have your mobo on one side; all hard drives plus the CPU are on the other side with enough spacefor cables and so on. It has three… Read More »Barebone home VMWare / Proxmox / Virtualization

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Installation finished – it was pretty fast, less than 10 minutes on top of my home Hyper-v to the desktop, let’s check the user experience.
VM Specs are pretty standard – in the wizard I selected Generation 2 machine, gave it 2gb of RAM and 60 gb of HDD. To be honest I was impressed that 18 hours after the installation finished Windows 10 expaned on 9.2GB only and didn’t had a single glitch yet.


Read More »Windows 10 Technical Preview

Check program/app ports

To check which ports are used by an app/program go to Task Manager, find the needed one and note its PID. Then Open a command prompt and type: netstat -ano | findstr xxxx (where “xxxx” is PID number)